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Как только Вы ответите  на объявление о вакансии,  которую Вы увидели либо на нашем сайте, либо на  сайтах  по поиску работы, Ваше резюме отправляется непосредственно в нашу базу данных кандидатов.

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Вы можете самостоятельно отправить нам свое резюме с Вашими ожиданиями info@techunt.com.ua.  Ваше резюме будет сохранено в базе данных агентства.

При поступлении вакансий, соответствующих Вашему опыту и квалификации, мы свяжемся с Вами и пригласим Вас на интервью, чтобы обсудить все условия.

image description Fullstack engineer

Place of work — Paris (France) ( taxes only 23%)

Salary — around 40-60k € (it depends of the skills and experience)

Benefits —  restaurant tickets, RTT, stock options, insurance…

Company is a Japanese electronic commerce and Internet company. Its B2B2C e-commerce platform  is the largest e-commerce site in Japan and among the world’s largest by sales. The company operates Japan’s biggest Internet bank and third-largest credit card company. It also offers e-commerce, fintech, digital content and communications services to over 1 billion members around the world, and operates in 29 countries and regions.

The mission:

The Studies and Developments department is organised around 3 areas each of which is responsible for one area of the application: Buyers, Sellers and Visitors. You will be part of the Sellers team, in charge of managing the product catalog.

Your missions will include the following:

  • You will be involved in all phases of the project (from design to production).
  • You participate in technical designs upstream of the projects;
  • You develop prioritised stories with an advanced level of quality (TU / TI / BDD);
  • You participate in the testing and documentation of projects;
  • You are force of proposal on the techno used;

We work and train our employees on the following technologies:

  • Java, Scala
  • Spring, Akka, Play!
  • JPA / Hibernate
  • JUnit / EasyMock / Mockito / Cucumber
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Maven, Sbt
  • Oracle / PL / SQL / Couchbase
  • Jenkins / Sonar
  • Git / Bitbucket

Our methodology: Agile / Scrum / Kanban / BDD

The profile :

We are looking for a Full Stack engineer (Master degree) with at least a first experience in Java JEE with good communication skills, autonomous and proactive. Curiosity for new technologies is much appreciated. you are interested in e-commerce, agility and continuous improvement. You will be involved in all phases of the project (from design to production).

Required Skills :

  • Analytical mind
  • Good level in Java and object programming
  • Strong appetite for DDD and hexagonal architecture
  • Knowledge of relational databases
  • Web Services
  • Injection principles with Spring (core)
  • English (technical exchanges with partners)

Desired skills:

  • Scala (and the ecosystem Ligthbend: Play, Akka, …)
  • Javascript, especially ReactJS


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image description Android developer

Place of work — Paris (France)

Salary — around 48-60k €  ( taxes only 23%)

Benets -  restaurant tickets, RTT, stock options, insurance…

Company is a Japanese electronic commerce and Internet company. Its B2B2C e-commerce platform  is the largest e-commerce site in Japan and among the world’s largest by sales. The company operates Japan’s biggest Internet bank and third-largest credit card company. It also offers e-commerce, fintech, digital content and communications services to over 1 billion members around the world, and operates in 29 countries and regions.

The mission

Mobile applications are used daily by tens of thousands of users, and represent one of our main growth drivers. The mobile is and becomes more and more important.

You will join the APPS team, responsible for the development of native iOS and Android applications, working with SCRUM. It consists of a product owner, a technical lead, a quality manager and our great developers.

As an Android Mobile Engineer, your missions will include:

  • You are an integral part of the team and you are force of proposal on the technos used;
  • You help with technical design and upstream estimates of projects;
  • You develop prioritised stories with advanced quality level (UT / TDD);
  • You participate in the testing and documentation of projects;
  • You collaborate with other project teams to bring a seamless user experience between the different platforms;

Methodology: Agiles / Scrum / Kanban

Some advantages of our technical team:

  • We have more than one important technical culture that is conducive to increasing the skills of employees. Fridays are, for example, reserved for the implementation and discussion of cross-cutting technical topics, making it possible to continuously improve the quality of the various platforms. Native applications adapt to the latest trends and technical improvements.
  • You will be part of a global technical team with many skills, who challenges and shares his knowledge via hackatons, internal technical conferences and cross-cutting topics.
  • Your profile We are looking for a Master degree engineer with a strong experience in Android development (> 3 years).
  • If you are autonomous while knowing how to work in team, organised.
  • You surely have a decided opinion on the best mobile platform, and that’s good, you will feed the raging debates within the team.

Required Skills :

  • Excellent level in Java / Android;
  • Work experience in agile teams
  • GIT
  • English (technical exchanges with partners)

Most :

  • Reactive / RxJava programming knowledge
  • Knowledge Patterns: MVC, MVP, MVVM, VIPER, DI …
  • Knowledge of Jira, Fabric, Jenkins, Bitbucket tools

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image description Java Architect


  • Participation in proposals preparation with all different parties and stakeholders and workflows
  • Estimation and scope decomposition
  • Risk assessment, defining dependencies and assumptions
  • Technical specifications and architecture vision document creation
  • Technology assessments and comparisons
  • Participation in discovery phases and workshops covering all technical aspects of the deal
  • Prototypes and proof-of-concept creation with their further delivery and presentation to the stakeholders
  • Participation in the implementation phase defining and creating the core of that or another system, transferring the knowledge to development team


Technical skills

  1. Technical work
  • Solid understanding and hands-on experience with software development and architecture
  • Understanding of given technology ecosystem, pros and cons, available modules and libraries. Hands-on experience with it
  • Skills and experience around integration, customization and configuration of different types of tools. Integration of modules to applications, APIs, services, data flows etc.
  1. Paper work
  • Experience with design, defining quality attributes and technical drivers, development of application- and solution-scale systems. Experience with architecture modelling tools (e.g. UML etc.)
  • Experience with creation of technical specifications or architecture visions covering quality attributes, diagrams, associated risks, technical and system requirements
  1. Team work
  • Proven experience in leading small teams of engineers to drive them, decompose the complexity to tasks, mentor them and back-up if needed, communicate and convince around that or another decision
  • Understanding the roles of other stakeholders who do not report to the person but take very active participation in design, decision making, selling, implementation and other activities (like sales team, delivery team etc.)

Soft skills

  • Willinness to learn something new – either around core technology stack, or even new related technologies
  • Ability to communicate and advocate proposed technical solution.
  • Ability to estimate efforts and justify them in front of customer and delivery organization, ability to get buy-ins from different parties
  • Positive thinking and state of mind
  • Willinness to deal with multi-tasking and pretty dynamic environments with the priorities which might change really quickly, flexibility
  • Desire to participate in different proof-of-concept and prototyping activities, technologies assessments and comparisons exercises
  •    Presentation skills have to be in place, at least to some certain extend. At the end of the day we are technical guys, not sales, but still we have to be proven in delivering our messages ina  clear and certain way so that everyone (even non-technical guys) understands why that or another decision took place.

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image description Scala Engineer

Salary: 60-70К EURO


Company has built and are expanding a revolutionary cross-retailer promotion platform based on cutting-edge algorithms and seamless (offline) retail integration. On this platform, we allow both brands and retailers to target consumers truly individually and in real-time with the most efficient discounts. Our artificial intelligence learns from millions of consumer transactions and derives the right impulse to induce a specific consumer to switch from one product to another.

We have partnered with leading retailers and are marketing our unique platform and business model successfully to the world’s largest brands.


  • You will design, develop and implement complex systems and APIs for our platform
  • You will take a leading role with our Frontend projects, both internally and externally
  • You will translate algorithm prototypes into production-ready code
  • You will be involved in our full software stack from the ground up


Must have:

  • Strong core computer science and algorithms
  • Distributed systems, concurrent programming experience
  • Excellent JVM knowledge
  • Experience with client-side libraries and application frameworks, including AngularJS
  • Knowledge of functional programming fundamentals
  • Getting things done attitude, goal orientation

Highly desirable:

  • Knowledge of NodeJS/npm ecosystems, jQuery, SASS
    Haskell, SML, OCaml, Lisp, Idris, Rust, Erlang
  • NoSQL and columnar stores
  • Messaging systems
  • AWS or other cloud providers
  • Practical Scala experience
  • Performance optimization on high-throughput systems
  • Core mathematics, physics, statistics or econometry
  • Interest in machine learning methods


  • A revolutionary solution that meets a strong customer need
  • Highly energetic environment and smart colleagues who will help you accelerate your professional growth
  • 100% tech focus and very scientific approach
  • Participation in cutting edge research & building new technologies

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image description Web UI / React Software Engineer

We are looking for Web UI / React Software Engineer to get involved into our worldwide project. Company has separate teams in locations. And now one more experienced Developer is needed in Dnipro to complete our team.

Team: QC Lead, 2 Web UI Developers, Scala Developer (additional). Workflow is mostly dedicated to Web UI part. Back-End wouldn’t be included. And if — there will be NodeJS.


  • Lead in the development of hardening web application in protecting PII (Personally Identifying Information).
  • Work side-by-side with product owners to create products and features to help protect users information while remaining seamless to the experience.
  • Find and build creative solutions to satisfy general audiences and weather enthusiasts while building in compliance for GDPR.
  • Something about integrating with external data sources/CMS to generate consent flow screens.
  • Write fluid/liquid/responsive HTML and CSS that works across all three screens (phone, tablet, and desktop).
  • Designing and implementing solutions collaboratively to add value to software development efforts in the most cost efficient way. Must be able to effectively communicate JavaScript/HTML/CSS designs to other team members in order for them to implement the design.
  • Ability to define, document and write Unit Test for front-end web technologies.
  • Create custom JavaScript libraries and utilize APIs.
  • Knowledge of, and experience with, any JavaScript frameworks, including Angular, React, Backbone, etc.
  • Strong aptitude for both giving and taking direction.
  • Strong documentation skills to general audiences (not necessarily technical).


  • High School Diploma, or GED, or its equivalent.
  • Core aspects of software development using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.
  • 3+ years experience developing web applications.
  • Strong OOP and Functional software design ability. Able to develop systems that meet architectural objectives including reusable, scalable code.
  • Experience with React and React-like frameworks.
  • Working knowledge of Redux.
  • Exposure to build tools like Webpack and Jenkins.
  • Working knowledge of client- and server-side Javascript.
  • A person who cares about his/her products and the people who use them.
  • Ability to work to deadlines.
  • Analytical and detail oriented with the ability to prioritize, execute and deliver projects on time.

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Ул. Серповая, 4,
Харьков, Украина
+38 098 620-53-12
+38 066 588-14-02

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