Searching for and selecting the personnel in the fields of information technology, energy and electricity, metallurgy and metal processing, electronics and high-technology, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, engineering.

We provide the following services:

  • International recruitment and relocation for CIS computer software professionals to the U.S., UK, EU.
  • Specialists for remote work on projects overseas customers.
  • Forming the teams in CIS countries to perform major projects for overseas customers.
  • Hire IT managers in the Ukrainian offices that create teams managed by the respective clients.

Below you can choose the service  which you are interested.

image description IT staff recruitment

We find:

  • IT-specialists, Project Manager.
  • General Managers.
  • Supervisors, chief of department and workgroups.
  • Engineers of various areas.
  • Technical Sales Managers, Product Managers.

Search Methods:

  • Recruitment.
  • Executive Search.

Search Tools:

  •  Database of IT-Managers, IT-specialists, unique technical specialists.
  • Referral network of TechHunt.
  • Professional Community.
  • Professional forums.
  • Professional and Social Networks consultants.
  • Network access to professional.
  • Network access to most of IT companies in the field.

Full Time Placement

Our fees ranges from 1 to 2  month’s  worth  of salary  of the specialists hired. It depends on the professional level of the required specialist,  his or her qualifications and unique skills to fit the job.

Temporary Contract  Recruitment

If you need a short term contractor, we offer a cost  efficient alternative to the traditional contract by charging the employer $200 a month and enable the contractor to be hired temporarily till the terms are up.

On average the search takes from one to 3 weeks. We assure our client  the best satisfaction of our services.

We are open to discuss further cooperation!


image description Outstaffing

TechHunt offers dedicated teams of  IT services to IT companies. We create a team that is managed by the  Client.

Our clients control  the full  process of production where teams adherence to corporate rules. TechHunt provides all technical and administrative resources and tools to the remote employees team to let them work as a valuable part of their team.

We provide the following services:

1.Infrastructure, Environment and Human Resources

  • Setup of dedicated office space.
  • Setup of communications: broadband Internet, phone lines and etc.
  • Management of accounting & payroll for each consultant.

2.Human Resources

  • Collection of profiles.
  • Screening interviews & assessment of software  and hardware skills.
  • Creation of career plan & personal development plan.
  • Complete payroll services.

Benefits of Outstaffing for your company:

  • It is possible to replace specialists quickly.
  • Avoid possible labor disputes.
  • Client reduce their local staff without affecting the overall production.

We are open to discuss further cooperation!



image description Recruitment technical personnel

We provide qualified, experienced engineering and technical staff that meet customer demand for flexible staffing as well as contract and temporary staff for seasonal or specialist needs. From the automotive  to chemical industries, and with placements ranging from Manufacturing Engineer to the CEO and Plant Manager.

We have provided recruiting solutions for local and international companies

From the automotive  to chemical industries, and with placements ranging from Manufacturing Engineer to the CEO and Plant Manager.

Recruiting for your  industry:

  • Mining
  • Processing
  • Geological
  • Quarrying
  • Tunneling
  • Civil engineer
  • Infrastructure

Our success based on  hard work, excellent network, and great people skills. In other words, our clients stay with us because we deliver excellent results.

Clients of TechHunt are satisfied with our services.

Whether you’re looking for quality staff, or thinking about for your next move, contact us today and we’ll help you to build your future, because we never forget that our success is based on our ability to fully understand our clients’ needs.



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If you have any questions or you need more information, please contact us.