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image description Senior Ruby Developer



  • You maintain, futher develop Ruby/Rails application. Also maintain React.js based pages
    ● You design, build how to scale our product
    ● You decide what technology we should use to achieve our goal
    ● You would be a team leader


  • 5+ years of Ruby/Rails experience
    ● Experience working as lead/senior developer
    ● Familier with writing test in rspec
    ● Live by DRY, KISS, SOLID principles
    ● You have some repositories written in Ruby on Github
    ● Eager to learn new technology
    ● Speak English(German language skill is not mandatory)


  • Experience scaling a monolithic Ruby/Rails application
    ● Experience with Domain Driven Design architecture
    ● Experience designing API
    ● Experience with MicroServices
    ● Experience React.js
    ● Experience with AWS

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image description Junior Front-End Developer

American company based in California (USA) is looking for Junior Front-End Developer with good communication and collaborative skills to join our team in Kharkiv office. We specialize in creating systems for such areas as medicine, finance and energy.

What are you going to do:

  • Front-end development and support the company’s core products;
  • New microservices, SPA applications;
  • Direct communication with UX, DB, and backend development teams.


  • At least 1 year of experience as front-end\js developer;
  • Good knowledge of native Javascript, ES6\7 features;
  • Understanding of working with modern practices of async code;
  • Experience with angularjs 1.x\angular 4 + RxJS (or similar MV* framework);
  • CSS3 Flexbox, web fonts, modern UI practices;
  • Good responsive markup;
  • VCS: Git;
  • English level: intermediate

It’ll be a plus:

  • Experience with server side languages: php\java or js;
  • Typescript, lodash
  • js build systems \ task runners (npm, grunt\gulp, WebPack);
  • SASS\SCSS or LESS preprocessor experience;
  • Database experience: MySQL or MongoDB
  • Good understanding of HTTP and REST;
  • Experience with jasmine\karma\mocha libraries

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image description iOS Developer


Company has developed from a Startup to the European market leader in the fields of location-based services and beacon technology within two years. Seventy employees implement modular solutions for trade, industry, tourism, transport and healthcare. The hunger for new technologies is deeply rooted in our corporate DNA. The customers include Deutsche Bahn, FRAPORT, STRÖER and Hammerson.

Location: Jena
Salary: €60-70k


  • Design and development of innovative mobile applications based on our iOS Framework
  • Development of internal Core Frameworks and Modules
  • Documentation of features for SDK-users
  • Integration and testing of the features in our SDKs


  • Responsible and result oriented working, teamwork skills
  • Experience with Scrum desirable
  • Good knowledge of Objective-C, Swift and Xcode IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Good understanding of Code Signing, Packaging and Cocoa Touch Framework creation
  • Solid understanding of approved mobile UI/UX best practices, including Apple iOS Design-Guidelines
  • Experience with maps Frameworks (preferably Google Maps) is an advantage
  • Knowledge of development tools like CocoaPods, Carthage or Jenkins is an advantage


  • Full time employment
  • Green Field Projects
  • Agile and flexible work culture
  • Office in the center of the city
  • Interdisciplinary teams and high flexibility
  • Good development and training opportunities

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image description Senior DevOps

We are looking for Software Engineers who have experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and provisioning AWS resources programmatically. Additionally, software engineers with background in developing Terraform code and Chef cookbooks are most valuable.

Finally, Datadog experience is helpful. Candidates will be developing Terraform-based code to automatically provision AWS resources or to provision a whole AWS environment from scratch. Once the resources are provisioned, Chef will be utilized to assign workload to servers. All new servers need to be monitored by Datadog.

Deliverables section:

  • Semi turn-key provisioning of AWS environments
  • Overhauled monitoring solution in Datadog

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design, code, test and debug technical solutions including complex components and in compliance with the defined engineering standards (Agile, SCRUM).
  • Assist in facilitation of team and client meetings (Grooming, Planning, Demo, Retro and custom ones).
  • Assist in skills development and supervision of junior staff.
  • Estimate efforts required for project implementation and accomplish the tasks in compliance with a defined schedule. Enforce development deadlines and schedules.
  • Take full responsibility for the implementation of project parts including work on the new projects. Resolve all development issues.
  • Identify system and engineering process deficiencies, propose and implement solutions and process improvements. Contribute to and enforce software engineering standards.
  • Work under minimal supervision and schedule own time to correspond to the overall development plan.
  • Anticipate client needs before they arise and present solutions to technical and project management.


  • 2 – 3+ years of industrial experience
  • Strong experience with AWS Cloud
  • Solid experience with Terraform and Chef
  • Datadog experience (nice to have)
  • Good Englih

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image description Senior Python Developer

Short Project Description:

Project workflow is built around custom framework, it is based on Selenium Python Client Driver, several of the methods have been overridden and enhanced. The main goal  is to simplify usage of Selenium methods, it is the collective system that brings in coupon codes, navigates pages, tests coupon codes and returns the results.


  • Quickly analyze, debug and deploy service components
  • Support, maintain and extend functionality related to the platform
  • Gain deep insight into external websites and their unique features
  • Work with Site Operations to meet SLA requirements
  • Escalate platform issues discovered through debug and development


  • Must have excellent analytical abilities coupled with sound troubleshooting skills
  • Understand basic software engineering concepts
  • Experience manipulating HTML DOM using CSS and JavaScript
  • Knowledge of concepts such as: HTTP/HTTPS, HTTP headers/status codes, AJAX and websockets
  • Hands-on experience with Amazon AWS (EC2, SQS, S3), Python in general and in particular Boto package, Puppet, Docker, monitoring utilities (Monit, Sensu or similar).
  • Ability to develop comprehensive tools for infrastructure automation and management in a Python. Scripting languages with minimal structure or typing, like Perl and Bash, are not sufficient on their own
  • Good English communication skills
  • Ready for on-site visits (2-3 weeks)

Company offers:

  • Variety of technologies and tasks
  • Competitive salary plus bonus system
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Paid vacation & sick leave
  • Medical insurance

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