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image description DevOps Engineer


The company is looking for a System administrator with some Data Scientist skills or a devops guy with big data experience, who is willing to work as an advanced SysAdmin in cryptographicy

Your chances will rise dramatically if you have:

  1. SysAdmin skills and experience (like LAMP stack)
  2. Experience with big data
  3. Experience in working with cryptographic infrastructure

About the company:

Company  is Europe’s first banking service provider and offers third parties innovative services with banking functions. By integrating the figo  Banking API, they can quickly link their applications, products and services to more than 3,100 financial sources. This interface is the key to a multibanking financial platform which guarantees users a comfortable and, above all, secure handling of banking data. With the „Banking as a Service“ platform, figo is bridging the gap between the modern services of its customers and more than 55 million online banking accounts in Germany and Austria. In addition to FinTechs, banks and large companies are already using the solution to integrate banking into user-friendly contexts. figo’s positioning is pioneering in the context of PSD2 and the related topic of XS2A.

Company has developed a dynamic FinTech ecosystem and has generated a new standard for linking financial data. In this, figo has succeeded in reducing complexity, integrating banking services into third-party products, and providing new touchpoints between players in the financial sector and the end customer. Their technology is already in use at well-known companies.

In order to grow further we are currently building a team of motivated and passionate people in order to shape the new generation of financial services.


  • Experience working with cryptographic infrastructure
  • Interested in setting up highly available systems
  • Knowledge of working with IaaS like OpenStack
  • Hands-on experience in using infrastructure tools like Docker,
  • Puppet/Ansible etc.
  • Experience in administrating application servers, web servers and databases (Nginx, MySQL, SQLite, RabbitMQ, Redis, Gunicorn, ELK Stack)
  • Know-how in using continuous integration tools (Jenkins)
  • Hands-on approach in analysing existing and creating new infrastructure

Nice to have:

  • Experience with database encryption
  • Familiarity with setting up cloud services
  • Knowledge of a programming language


  • You will setup secure and scalable system
  • You will support an existing team in key design and implementation decisions for our platform
  • Passion for and ability to work in a Team of Administrators and Developers

What we offer:

  • Startup atmosphere
  • Competitive salary
  • Freedom of technical decision-making
  • You will be an integral part of a fast growing startup in a changing industry
  • You will have many opportunities to implement your own ideas and be involved in the decision making process of the company
  • Freedom and self-determination during your work.

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image description Senior Java Developer

Our client is the largest IT company in Ukraine, is looking for a dynamic, self-motivated Senior Java Developer in Dnipro. The project is connecting with the  world’s most reliable and respected agile monetization platforms. Are you ready to be one of us?

Here are the technical requirements:

  • Java 8
  • Tomcat
  • JPA/Hibernate/SQL
  • Quartz
  • Maven / Jenkins / Docker
  • JAX-RS, Jersey, Dropwizard
  • Caching technologies (Hazelcast, Redis)
  • Apache Kafka / Spark
  • Database clustering -> Big data via Mysql/Mariadb/Cassandra. Galera cluster, AWS Aurora, etc scale out to billions of records
  • Performance tools like Jmeter and JProfiler
  • Billing / Tax / Shopping Cart / ERP / CRM / Single Sign-on -> Domain Experience


  • Currently a monolithic Java application
  • Moving to a multi-language model (Java8, Python Node.js, Go)
  • Moving to a micro-services architecture
  • Moving to an “api first” approach.

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image description DevOps Engineer

About the project:

You will be part of development projects and ensure the implementation, configuration and continuous improvement of DevOps processes and tools to enable continuous integration and continuous delivery.

You will consult and actively support demanding agile projects in terms of DevOps and train the development teams.

Our team is responsible for conception, implementation and maintenance of DevOps tools, e.g. Git, Jenkins, SonarQube and JIRA.

Salary: €75-85k
Location: Berlin
Specialties: Travelling of 3-4 days per week (!); extremely good English communication skills!!

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image description Linux System Developer

On behalf of our client, global product IT company, we are looking for a Linux System Developer to company’s office in Kiev.

Main Requirements:

  • Experience in Linux user-space development in C.
  • Comfortable with embedded and cross-platform development.
  • General C/C++, Posix API, building/testing/packaging/debugging/scripting in Linux.
  • Deep understanding of Linux kernel operation.

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image description PHP and Scala / functional programming


  • Strong PHP, MySQL and Redis experience is important. Some exposure to Scala or another JVM-based / functional language would be valuable. Interest or experience with DevOps is a definite plus.
  • Experience with MySQL
  • Interest and passion to learn and experiment with a wide variety of technologies
  • Experience with unit tests / knowledge about when and what to test
  • Interest and experience with DevOps, not shy to reach out for console
  • Experience with docker and container orchestration solutions is a big plus
  • Advanced git experience (rebasing, cherry-picking, etc.) is a big plus
  • Strong written and spoken English skills
  • Willing to relocate to Munich permanently


  • Unu electric scooter of your choice as “company car”
  • Regular team events, including table tennis and celebrations
  • Market-proven and fast growing company
  • Creative environment with talented and ambitious team members
  • Office in the heart of Munich (near Gärtnerplatz)
  • Hardware of your choice
  • Relocation support and 26 paid vacation days

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Serpovaya st. 4,
Kharkov, Ukraine
+38 098 620-53-12
+38 066 588-14-02

If you have any questions or you need more information, please contact us.